We specialise in Wedding Cakes, Celebration Cakes and Confections.

Lorraine, the owner and founder of La Moraine, qualified as a Wedding Planner and is a self taught master baker.

Since childhood Lorraine enjoyed being in the kitchen and making sweet delicious treats to eat. Her Grandmother an exceptional cook and baker was her inspiration. Lorraine enjoyed being in the kitchen baking and making people happy with mouthwatering baked goodies, not knowing baking would one day become her passion.

Her passion was set aside as a student, to complete her International Hotel Management Degree. Lorraine also completed a Wedding Planning course, which with time has turned into her other passion, a love for the wedding industry.

In 2008, she started L's Creations a wedding planing business. This led to the baking of cakes as a sideline business supplementing her Wedding Planning business. The cake baking grew and became a full time home based bakery in 2016. With the support of family,friends,God's mercy and grace, the business grew and morphed into La Moraine Cakes and Confections.

In 2017, Kayla joined the team. A remarkable artist and fun loving person with a real feel for cake design and baking. Lorraine and Kayla make a formidable team creating the most amazing cakes and confections.

So their journey continues and the bakery grows more and more everyday. With their cute Slogan.. “O,Koek!”, their journey continues as the business grows and thrives. Both Lorraine and Kayla take on each day with kindness, courage and most importantly their Heavenly Father at their side!